Development Review

Office of Development Review administers and coordinates the review of planning and public works plans to insure compliance with appropriate governmental and regulatory requirements. Staff of this office also provides technical assistance to citizens, developers and others regarding the City's review and approval process, design and construction criteria and other related information.

Site Plan Development Review Process

  • Requires an approved Water Allocation application
  • Pre-application meeting with Carroll County
  • Plan Submittal and Electronic Submittal with Plan Submittal Application and Fee
  • Once all agencies have given approval, the project may go before the Planning & Zoning Commission for recommendation
  • Public Works Agreement (PWA) and any required Deeds are approved by the Mayor & Common Council
  • Surety Bond is established by using Construction Estimate from the Developer, and must be stated on the Contractor's letterhead to establish Surety Bond to be posted
  • City Inspection Fee is 4.5% of all items inspected by the City
  • Once the Site Development Plans are approved by all City and County agencies, the Mylars are required to begin the signature process
  • Before the building permit is approved by the City, all of the following items are required:
    • Approved PWA and any required Deeds approved by Mayor & Common Council
    • Bond posted
    • Inspection fees paid
    • Benefit Assessment fees paid
  • As-Built [red line] Mylars are required to be stamped
  • As-Built Storm Water Management submittals are required by Carroll County for approval
  • As-Built Digital Submission is required by City GIS Department
  • Bond Releases require a submittal request
  • Road Beds require a Deed
  • Storm Water Management facilities require a Deed plus a 10-year maintenance fee

Standard Details & Specifications