• All items should be placed within 5 (five) feet of the location in which you place your household trash cans. This may be curbside in the front of your home or along the alley behind your home. Items should be placed out no earlier than noon the day before or any later than 6:30 a.m. the day of your scheduled collection. 
  • Trash will be collected until 4 p.m. Emptied containers left after the trash truck has made its rounds must be removed by noon or as soon as possible. No trash should be left in alleys.
  • All items beside household collection need to follow the new schedule outlined in the "Special Waste Removal" section.
  • During inclement weather, scheduling changes will be made at our discretion. A reasonable attempt will be made to notify those who are affected of such changes but contact is not guaranteed.
  • Trash collection will change during certain holiday weeks. The holidays are New Year's (January 1st), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day (1st Monday in September), Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) and Christmas (December 25th). Check our homepage the week prior to the holiday week for any changes to the trash schedule.
  • For city pickup, there will be only 1 stop per collection day at each house for that day's pickup. Once workers have passed your home, they will not return for additional pickups or to remove items not called in and/or not set out in time. Workers will not throw away any trash cans unless they have been clearly marked by the owner for removal. Any broken containers will be left on site for repackaging by the owner. Workers will not be held responsible for the condition of containers before or after dumping or attempting to dump them.
  • No contractor's trash will be picked up under any circumstances.
  • Concrete and bricks are not collected.