For Residents

Exploring Westminster
Welcome to the official website of the City of Westminster, Maryland! Here, residents and visitors alike will find current information about City of Westminster services and resources to meeting announcements and special events information. Like most web sites, we want our website to be a work in progress and we welcome any suggestions for improvement. Email us with suggestions.
  1. About the City

    Incorporated in 1838 and founded by William Winchester in 1764, historic Westminster continues to evolve. Find out what it is all about.

  2. Arts & Entertainment

    Cultural events, special events, movies, classes and more are offered through various organizations within our fair city.

  3. Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

    Check out the Chamber of Commerce.

  4. Community Features Map

    For Westminster community features, such as schools, hospitals, libraries, post offices, police stations, and places of worship, see our comprehensive PDF map.

  5. Community Gardens

    There are many benefits to community gardens.

  6. Community Videos

    Watch videos about all aspects of life in Westminster!

  7. Dining

    Find out why foodies thrive in Westminster.

  8. Elected Officials

    Meet the men and women who make Westminster the great place it is.

  9. Events

    Check out the community calendar.

  10. Fiber Optic Project

    Learn about the City's Fiber Optic Network Project

  11. Health Care

    Explore Westminster's health care system.

  12. Historic Preservation

    Learn about Westminster's role in history and how it preserves and remembers its past.

  13. Lodging

    Find a great place to lay your head while visiting Westminster.

  14. Main Street

    Within a charming historic small-town setting, Downtown Westminster provides unique shopping in its one-of-a-kind, locally-owned, independent businesses.

  15. Parking Permits

    Obtain a parking permit.

  16. Parks & Trails

    Recreational opportunities abound in Westminster...Check them out!

  17. Recreational Programs & Athletics

    Join in on local sports.

  18. Garbage & Recycling

    Properly dispose of your household waste.

  19. Schools

    Check out the educational opportunities that are available in Westminster.

  20. Shopping

    See why "fashionistas" and families alike shop and buy in Westminster.

  21. Tax Bill Info

    Review FAQs for tax bills.

  22. Tours

    There are several informative, self-guided tours available.

  23. Utility Maintenance

    Report utility emergencies.

  24. Water Bill Info

    Review FAQs for your water bill.

  25. Water Conservation

    Learn to conserve your water.

  26. Zoning Map

    Find zoning information about your property with our interactive zoning map.