City Council Meeting Agenda

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City Council Meeting Packet


City Council Meeting Minutes June 12, 2017


Ordinance No. 880

An ordinance amending Chapter 106, “Peace and Good Order”, Article IV, “Weapons”, of the City Code, to repeal Section 106-15, “Stun Guns”

Ordinance No. 881

Amending the Adopted Budget of the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017

Ordinance No. 882

An Ordinance of the Common Council of the Mayor and Common Council of Westminster,
a Municipal Corporation of the State of Maryland (The “Issuer”), providing the issuance
and sale of an aggregate principal amount not to exceed five million dollars ($5,000,000)
of Bonds of the Issuer, to be known as the “Mayor and Common Council of Westminster
Infrastructure Bonds, 2017 Series A” (or by such other or additional designation of
designations as required by the Community Development Administration identified herein)
 (the “Bond”), to be issued and sold pursuant to the Authority of Sections 4-101 through
4-255 of the Housing and Community Development Article of the Annotated Code of
Maryland, as amended, for the purpose of providing all or a portion of the funds necessary
for (I) Financing or Refinancing costs of the project identified herein as the road improvements
project, (II) Funding a portion of a Capital Reserve Fund and/or (III) Paying issuance and other
costs related to the bonds; providing that the bonds shall be issued upon the full faith and
credit of the issuer; providing for the disbursement of the proceeds of the sale of the bonds
and for the levy of annual taxes upon all assessable property within the Corporation limits of
the issuer for the payment of the principal of and interest of the bonds as they shall respectively
come due; providing for the form, tenor, denominations, maturity date or dates and other
 provisions of the bonds; providing for the sale of the bonds; and providing for related purposes,
 including, without limitation, the method of fixing the interest rate or rates to be borne by the
bonds, the approval, execution and delivery of documents, agreements, certificates and
 instruments, and the making of or providing the making of representations and covenants
 concerning the tax status of interest of the bonds.

Resolution No. 17-01

Annexation No. 69 (City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant) - “Enlarging the corporate boundaries of the City of Westminster by annexing into the City certain property contiguous and adjoining to the City’s existing corporate boundaries consisting of approximately 3.550 acres of land owned by State Highway Administration and comprising a portion of the right of way for Old New Windsor Pike, together with approximately 12.4205 acres of land owned by the City and located at 1161 Old New Windsor Pike, the total annexation area comprising approximately 15.9705 acres.”

Resolution No. 17-07

Approving and adopting plan documents for the City's Cateteria Benefits Plan including Flexible
Spending Account Plan

Resolution No. 17-08

Approving an application and receipt of financing for the Community Legacy project that is
 further described in the City of Westminster’s Community Legacy application to be financed
 either directly by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development or through
other departments or agencies of the State of Maryland

Resolution No. 17-09

Supporting the application of the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster, Inc. for Community Investment Tax Credit.