Water Treatment
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 Water Treatment

The City of Westminster owns and operates two community water systems serving the City and areas beyond the corporate limits. The existing and planned service area is located in central Carroll County and covers approximately 8,097 acres.

The water system, which dates back to 1898, was purchased by the City of Westminster in 1964 from the Maryland Water Works Company. The water systems consist of the main or Cranberry System, which includes the main Treatment Plant and twelve wells located throughout the service area, and the Wakefield System, a treatment plant supplied by two wells.

The City's 121.8 million gallon raw water reservoir is used to supply water during rain events and to supplement existing sources during times of reduced flow. A pump station and transmission line was constructed in 2008 to supply water from the Medford Quarry during extended dry periods.

Treated water storage

Cranberry System:
  1. 1.0 million gallon Finished Water Reservoir
  2. 1.5 million gallon stand pipe
  3. 0.5 million gallon elevated water tank
  4. 2.0 million gallon High Zone water tank

Wakefield System:
  1. 2.0 million gallon stand pipe


Cranberry Water Treatment Plant Dedication