Waste Management
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 Waste Management

Waste Removal Guidelines | Special Waste Removal

Household trash pickup is subcontracted by the City to Ecology Services, which is responsible for regular household trash and recycling removal. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BULK TRASH OR YARD WASTE REMOVAL. Bulk trash is collected by the City and follows the guidelines below.

Ecology Services can be reached at:
1-866-427-8389 (Toll Free)

Recycling is taken to:
Northern Landfill

Northern Landfill uses the single stream recycling process. This means all recyclables can go into the same container. To have a container dropped off by Ecology Services, please call 866-427-8389 (allow up to three days for delivery).

You can use your own lidless, bushel-sized containers as long as they are marked "recycling" on all sides. If recycling is placed in trash bags, it will be taken as trash during the next scheduled pickup time. The list of acceptable recyclables can be downloaded from the county landfill site at ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/recycle/docs/acceptable.pdf or call for a brochure.

Waste Removal Guidelines:

The schedule for trash pickup is based on these PDF maps:
Zone 1 | Zone 2 | Zone 3 | Zone 4 | Zone 5

  • All items should be placed within five feet of the curbside in the front of your home no earlier than noon the day before or any later than 6:30 a.m. the day of your scheduled collection. Trash will be collected until 4 p.m. Emptied containers left after the trash truck has made its rounds must be removed by noon or as soon as possible. No trash should be left in alleys.

  • All items beside household collection need to follow the new schedule outlined in the "Special Waste Removal" section below.

  • During inclement weather, scheduling changes will be made at our discretion. A reasonable attempt will be made to notify those who are affected of such changes but contact is not guaranteed.
  • *Trash collection will change during certain holiday weeks. The holidays are New Year's (January 1st), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November) and Christmas (December 25th). Check our homepage the week prior to the holiday week for any changes to the trash schedule.

  • For City pickup, there will be only one stop per collection day at each house for that day's pick-up. Once workers have passed your home, they will not return for additional pickups or to remove items not called in and/or not set out in time. Workers will not throw away any trash cans unless they have been clearly marked by the owner for removal. Any broken containers will be left on site for repackaging by the owner. Workers will not be held responsible for the condition of containers before or after dumping or attempting to dump them.

  • * No contractor's trash will be picked up under any circumstances.

    * Concrete and bricks are not collected.

    Special Waste Removal:


    Since July 1, 2010, City residents receive the benefits of a more efficient bulk waste removal system, utilizing a standard schedule WITHOUT THE NEED TO CALL FOR A PICK-UP. This schedule provides the time needed for the City Street Department staff to attend to other service needs.

    Every other week the entire city limits will have the following schedule (with the exception of yard waste which will still be picked up on a weekly basis):

    **Click here for the 2014 Bulk Trash Permanent Schedule**

    Click here to check the CALENDAR for information on dates

  • Monday: Tree Limbs must be cut to four-foot sections, no larger than six (6) inches in diameter, with the ends facing the same direction and may be loose or bundled with thin twine.

  • Tuesday: Metal only includes refrigerators (the doors must be removed), dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, bicycles, etc. Tires and car batteries are included in this pickup as well.

  • Wednesday: Yard waste (year-round) is considered grass and leaves, which must be in Kraft biodegradable paper lawn bags, or in lidless, bushel-sized containers, weighing no more than seventy-five (75) pounds. The Kraft bags can be purchased at Lowes, Giant, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot. If packaged any other way, it will not be taken. Yard waste cannot be mixed with trash or be in plastic bags of any kind. Wheelbarrows and large trash cans are not acceptable containers. Yard waste should not be placed with normal household trash. Sod, dirt and rocks are not considered yard waste and the City cannot collect these types of items. Consider mulching your grass clippings instead. See the FAQ for more information. Additional recycling information can be found here.

  • Thursday and Friday: Bulk trash includes sofas, chairs, lumber, televisions, mattresses, and building wood. Sod, dirt, and rocks are considered bulk trash and must be in appropriate bags or containers for removal. Concrete and bricks are not collected by the City. Refer to your Zone map to know which day is pickup on your street.

  • Leaf Vac: Fall only (dates change to accommodate the seasonal amount of fallen leaves). Leaf vacuum has ended for the 2013 year.

  • Christmas Trees can be dropped off next to the Skate Park at Locust Street and Leslie B. Leister Lane until March 31. A sign for Christmas trees is next to a dumpster for their placement. Be sure that you remove lights, ornaments, tree stands, and any plastic wrapping or bags you used for transporting your tree. None of these items can be run through the mulching machine and will instead cause damage, so please be conscientious about their removal. See the FAQ for more information, or visit the Christmas Tree Collection webpage.

    Your tree limbs and Christmas Trees are used for mulching purposes. Workers grind them up and compost the materials and then use the resulting mulch around town for beautification projects, so keep in mind that when you place these items out for this purpose, they are being used to keep your City looking nice and you are participating in a nationwide recycling project.