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 Forms & Applications

City Clerk

Alcohol Use Permit - Required for activities involving outside alcohol service
Handbill Distribution Permit - Required for distributing pamphlets and informational printed materials
Parade & Demonstration Permit - Required for activities on public streets, described in Chap. 109
Intent to Run for Office - Required in order to file for Mayor or Common Council positions
Peddlers & Solicitors License - Required for selling items on public property, including sidewalks
Picketing Application - Required for picketing demonstrations as in Chap. 109
Public Information Act Request - Used to request information under the Freedom of information Act

Rental Licensing Program

Rental Housing Licensing Application - Required for having a residential rental property within Corporate City limits
Rental Housing Licensing Application Continuation Sheet - Additional page for more than four (4) units

Development Review

Plan Submittal Application - Required for Plan submittal- includes fees for review
Plan Review Transmittal - Required when transmitting plans to the City for review
Bond Release Packet - Required for full or partial bond release
Public Infrastructure Report - Lists items that will become public infrastructure following development
Development & Plan Review Fee Schedule - Fees associated with review of development plans
Special Benefit Assessment Fee Schedule - Fees required to provide services to new development
Standard Details and Specifications - Links to Standard detail and specs available for download

Planning and Zoning

Application for Utility Service - Required to extend public water and sewer
Good Cause Waiver Application - Required to extend utilities outside the City Boundary
Sign Permit Application - Required for new commercial signage following Chap. 164-117
Rezoning Application - Required to request a zoning change
BZA Notice of Appeal Form - Request an appeal before the Board of Zoning Appeals
Water Allocation Application - Required when additional water consumption is created
Administrative Adjustment Application - Request a variance to required zoning parameters
Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application - Apply for a tax credit to help pay for improvements to a historic structure
Outdoor Carnival Permit Application - Required to host an outdoor carnival within City limits


Police Forms - See all Police forms


Recreation & Parks Forms - See all Recreation & Parks forms


Sidewalk Use Application - Apply for permit to use sidewalk for business functions
Tenant Authorization Form - Landlords request to bill tenant for water and sewer charges
Final Read Request Form - Request for a final water/sewer bill reading
Parking Permit - For parking in City lots and garages