GIS / Mapping

GIS services provides mapping and spatial analyses to city departments and offers such services to other public and private entities at a reasonable cost. Our GIS activities focus principally on:
  • Creating, managing, and enhancing a database of geographic features and their characteristics
  • Creating maps and statistical data from the database
  • Performing geographic analyses using the database with special-purpose spatial models
For more information on our GIS and mapping please visit our Enterprise Mapping site

Disclaimer: While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this data, the City of Westminster accepts no liability or responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional inaccuracies in the content of this data. Reliance on this data is at the risk of the user. The data is for illustrated purposes only and should not be used for surveying, engineering, or site-specific analysis. These maps were prepared for general reference purposes only.

Web Maps and Applications

Disclaimer: These maps were prepared for general reference purposes only.