Agenda - 9.21.23


Call to Order


Approval of Minute Summary


July 20, 2023


New Business


Item A: PUBLIC HEARING: Ordinance 2023-06, Cannabis Overlay District

An Ordinance of the Mayor and Common Council of Westminster, adopting a sectional map amendment to repeal the former Medical Cannabis Overlay District and designate the boundaries of the new Cannabis Overlay District, for the purpose of establishing the appropriate locations for the designation of the cannabis overlay floating zones permitting the operation of cannabis businesses in the City. (Mark Depo, DCPD)


Item B: PUBLIC HEARING: Ordinance 2023-07, Art Galleries/Studios Text Amendment

An Ordinance of the Mayor and Common Council of Westminster, amending Chapter 164, “Zoning and Subdivision of Land”, of the Code of the City of Westminster, to amend Article VIIIA, “C-C Central Commerce Zone”, Section 164-45.2; Article VIIIB, “D-B Downtown Business Zone”, Section 164-45.8; and Article IX, “C-B Central Business Zone”, Section 164-47 to add “Art galleries/studios” as a permitted or special exception use. (Mark Depo, DCPD)


Item C: Carroll County Liaison Report (Price Wagoner, CCP)


Old Business


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Planning Commission and Public Comments




Request for decorum and order

Request for decorum and order The Chair and Commissioners would like to thank you in advance for your respectful behavior and for your thoughtful consideration of the views of your neighbors, applicants, and the Commission. Members of the public attending meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission are expected to maintain decorum and good order and to remain quiet when not recognized by the Chairperson. Any person who makes personal attacks or defamatory remarks, who makes loud comments when not recognized by the Chairperson, or who stamps his or her feet, whistles, yells, or engages in similarly disruptive conduct will be asked to leave. Persons who are asked to leave by the Chair and refuse to do so may be removed. Unauthorized remarks from the audience, stamping of feet, whistles, yells, and other similar demonstrations will not be permitted by the presiding officer. Offending parties will be asked to remove themselves from the meeting room.