Council Meeting Agenda 03 11 19

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Council Meeting Minutes


Ordinance No. 908

Amending Chapter 148, “Trees”, of the Code of the City of Westminster, to amend Section 148-2, “Creation and Composition of Tree Commission,” with respect to the number of persons to be appointed to the Tree Commission and to add the Planning Director or his or her designee as a non-voting staff member, to amend Section 148-3, “Term of Office; Vacancies; Removal”, to remove Permissible Roadside Tree Species list from the City Code and include a reference to the City Tree Plan regarding Impermissible Street Trees; and to make other clarifications and minor changes of a grammatical, typographic, or clerical nature.

Ordinance No. 909

Amending Chapter 143, “Taxation”, of the Code of the City of Westminster, to repeal Section 143-6, “Historic tax credit for increase in assessed value due to restoration or rehabilitation of historic properties”