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Ordinance No. 907

An Ordinance amending Chapter 164, “Zoning”, of the Westminster City Code, Article I, “General Provisions”, § 164-3, “Definitions and word usage”, to amend the definition of “Boarding (Lodging) or Rooming Houses” and the definition of “Dwelling”; amending Chapter 164, Article VI, R-10,000 Residential Zone”, Section 164-30, “Special Exceptions”, Article VIII, “B Business Zone”, Section 164-41, “Uses Permitted,” Article VIIIB, “D-B Downtown Business Zone”, Section 164-45.8, “Uses Permitted’, Article  IX, “C-B Central Business Zone”, Section 164-47, “Uses Permitted”, and Article XV, “Planned Regional Shopping Center Zone”, Section 164-101, ‘Special Exceptions”, to delete rooming houses as a use permitted by right or by special exception in the respective zones; and amending Chapter 164, Article XVIII “Regulations Application In All Districts” to add Section 164-132.1, “Boarding (Lodging) and Rooming Houses”, to prohibit boarding and rooming houses in all zones from and after January 1, 2026.

Ordinance No. 910

An Ordinance amending Chapter 164, “Zoning”, of the Code of the City of Westminster Article XIA, “N-C Neighborhood Commercial Zone”, Section 164-64.2, “Uses Permitted”, to add places of worship as permitted uses and to amend the Chapter generally to substitute the phrase “Places of Worship” for terms specifically related to any individual religion

Ordinance No. 911

Amending the Code of the City of Westminster to add Chapter NNN, "Environmental Sustainability", Article I, "Plastic Bags", Section NNN-1, "Purpose"; Section NNN-2, "Definitions"; Section NNN-3, "Prohibitions"; Section NNN-4, "Exceptions"; and Section NNN-5, "Violations and Penalties".

Ordinance No. 912

An Ordinance of the Mayor and Common Council of Westminster, Maryland Approving and Adopting a Budget for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2019 and Ending June 30, 2020.

Resolution No. 19-10

Approving and Adopting Plan Documents for the City’s Cafeteria Benefits Plan Including Its
Flexible Spending Account

Minutes 05 13 19