What are their hours and where do I park?
The offices are open from 8:30 to 4:30 between Monday and Friday. There is a metered lot across the street, free spots on Paide Way and metered spots in the Longwell Parking garage.

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1. Where is the the city's Recreation and Parks Department located?
2. What are their hours and where do I park?
3. Are you associated with the county's Recreation and Park Department?
4. How can I get a list of your events or programs?
5. Where can I find out about your festivals and special events?
6. Do you have recreational classes running all the time?
7. How can I get an application to be a vendor for your festivals?
8. Can my child earn service learning hours with your department?
9. Do you have any programs for senior citizens?
10. What parks have pavilions that I can rent?
11. Are there bathrooms at each park?
12. Can you have DJs at Recreation and Parks rental properties?
13. Can you have a grill at park pavilions?
14. What age do my children have to be to attend a day camp?
15. What is your Tax ID # and how can I find out how much I spent on camp last year?
16. Where can I get an employment application?
17. Where is City Hall located?
18. Where can I get information about the Community Pond?
19. When is Westminster City getting a dog park, or where is the closest dog park?
20. Do you have sports leagues or sports programs?