Does Ting offer TV?
Not at this time, but they're working on it and it will be launching soon! While they do, their Cut the Cord book has some tips to help you replace cable TV with Internet and over-the-air options. They have hard copies they're happy to share. The free ebook is also available in the Amazon Kindle Book Store and in Apple's iBook Store.

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1. What is the relationship between Ting and the City?
2. When will I have fiber in my area?
3. How do I sign up?
4. Can I print an Access Agreement?
5. What is the Westminster Fiber Drop Access Agreement?
6. How much does it cost to get a fiber drop on my property?
7. Will my yard be torn up?
8. Should I get a fiber drop even if I'm not using or getting Internet?
9. What is the installation cost for Ting Internet?
10. Does Ting offer TV?
11. How is Ting Internet better than what I have now?
12. If I have a question, whom should I contact?
13. Who should I contact with questions or concerns about the construction?