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City Clerk's Office

  1. Application for Special Event / Parade Permit

    Required to close any streets within City limits. Applications must be submitted NO LATER than 14 business days prior to event date. NO... More…

  1. Board Application Form

Community Planning & Development (including Zoning)

  1. Application for Outdoor Carnival Permit

    Required to host an outdoor carnival within City limits

  1. Application for Utility Service

    Use this form when applying for an extension of the water or sewer system to a property.

Development Review

  1. Plan Review Transmittal

    This form shall be used when submitting plans to the City of Westminster Community Planning & Development Department for distribution... More…

    File all plans, transmittal, fees, etc for Carroll County at 225 North Center Street, Westminster, MD, Room 204.


Downtown Business Association

  1. Downtown Westminster Holiday Gift Guide

    The City is creating a local holiday shopping guide for Downtown Westminster. The hope is to have it featured on the City website, but... More…

Finance Department

  1. Authority to Bill Tenant for Water/Sewer Services

    Property owner submits this completed form to the Finance Department in order to change tenant name on a water/sewer bill.

  1. Final Reading Request Form

    Used to request a final water/sewer bill reading for settlement purposes.


  1. Compliments Form

    This form may be filled out by the individual making the Compliment, the person reporting the incident, or by the departmental member... More…

  1. Suspicious Activity / Actividad Sospechosa

    This email is NOT monitored 24/7 and may not be reviewed for up to 24 hours after it is received. To report a crime or suspicious... More…