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2023 Miracle on Main Street Parade Application

  1. I have received, understand and will abide by the Rules and Regulations set forth for the Miracle on Main Street Holiday Electric Parade, which are available for review on the City website. By entering your name below, you are agreeing to an electronic signature.

  2. Type your name here
  3. Entry Information
  4. Will your entry be electric (lighted)?
  5. Do you plan to use music, amplification or public address system?*
  6. If yes to amplified music, explain here
  7. Will you be providing your own power source?*
  8. Will you need batteries/inverters from Interstate Battery?*
  9. What is this?
    What is this? If using a battery and inverter from Interstate Battery, floats may have a maximum of 2,000 lights or 1,500 lights with spotlights not to exceed 1000 watts in total. This is equivalent to 1 Battery and 1 Inverter. *Please note you may only have access to 1 Battery/1 Inverter, however you may request additional Batteries/Inverters and requests will be approved/denied by parade committee. For every 1 Battery, you will need 1 Inverter.
  10. Type of Entry*
    Please check ONE
  11. If Float, list theme here
  12. Size of Entry
    This is to be filled out by ALL entries, regardless of type. Committee has the right to limit numbers/sizes of entries.
  13. What is this?
    For line up purposes, we need to know how much room-(in feet) to allocate for your entry in the line-up area. When calculating the number of feet your entry will need, please add up the length of the vehicles (including trailer or anything that may be pulled behind a vehicle). Do not calculate room for walkers. Approximate length of vehicles: Car 22 ft Trucks 30 ft Floats 60 ft. (depending on what it is [flat bed truck/small trailer])
  14. Submission Information
    Send electronically or mail completed form to: Westminster City Recreation & Parks, 11 Longwell Ave. Westminster, MD 21157 Confirmation and lineup information will be mailed/e-mailed to you prior to the Parade.
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